Corporate Profile

Mission NewEnergy Limited is forging the ethical path towards providing new energy to the global arena from sustainable origins.

Mission NewEnergy Limited is an integrated global renewable energy company with operations located in Australia, Malaysia, India, Mauritius and China. The company is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with the head office located in Perth, Australia.

The key areas of business comprise of the production of biodiesel, Pharmaceutical grade refined Glycerine, the cultivation of Jatropha Curcas and electricity generated from wind turbines.

Having access to the company’s own feedstock and operating in several geographical territories will enable Mission NewEnergy Limited to lower the feedstock costs, maximise the returns to its shareholders, minimise market risk and strengthen the ability to succeed globally.


“Democratizing Energy”


Mission NewEnergy Limited listed on the Australian Stock Exchange 4 May 2006 following a significantly over subscribed Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company established a 100,000 tonnes per annum biodiesel refinery in the Kuantan Port of Malaysia.

While the company’s initial focus was solely biodiesel, Mission has since diversified into feedstock and wind power. To accommodate its expanded focus and better reflect its position as an emerging player in the renewable energy sector, on 8 August 2008 the Company changed its name from Mission Biofuels Limited to Mission NewEnergy Limited.

Present Activities

  • The 100,000 tonnes per annum biodiesel refinery is operational.
  • The 250,000 tonnes per annum biodiesel refinery adjacent to the existing refinery is under construction.
  • Jatropha Curcas cultivation
  • Wind turbines supply electricity to the state utility in India
  • Research of ligno-cellulosic ethanol and algae, two highly potential second-generation feedstock

Future Outlook

The Company will produce sustainable biofuels derived from Jatropha Oil.

Mission’s Corporate Evolution is to;

  • Intensify the upstream business
  • To optimize the refining business
  • To secure the downstream opportunities
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