Little Sark Channel Islands

An Experimental Solar-powered Mobile Network Is Being Tested In Little Sark

For the first time, six solar panels have been put on the island of Little Sark to see if the Channel Islands can be powered by renewable energy.

JT, the island’s mobile service provider, said the solar panels would keep the antenna’s batteries charged.

Sark’s southern peninsula, Little Sark, is home to a small settlement.

He stated it was an excellent spot to test the new gear, and JT agreed.

JT’s private circuit project manager Joseph Donovan explains, “Operating in Sark presents its unique problems.

So it’s the perfect spot for JT to test equipment requiring no intervention or maintenance.

It will allow our engineers to see how well our network can manage calls and data utilizing 100% renewable energy.

The mobile site will use electricity from the utility grid to get the batteries charged up. Still, after that, it will rely solely on the sun’s power to keep them running, day and night.”

The model could be implemented at other Channel Islands locations as long as the model works.

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