Herefordshire Council Approves Big Solar Farm

Council members have unanimously authorized proposals for a solar farm over an area comparable to sixty football fields.

Solar panels will be installed on 46 hectares of land between Dormington and Mormiford in Herefordshire, near the River Frome.

The applicants, Conrad Energy of Oxfordshire, stated that the array would produce enough electricity to power 11,000 dwellings.

They reduced the land area in response to the complaints of adjacent homeowners.

According to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, the applicants additionally agreed to increase the number of plants surrounding the property to conceal the solar panels.

At a meeting on Tuesday, they informed members of the Herefordshire Council that fourteen objections had been filed, with one homeowner objecting to a “huge metallic and glass construction of industrial dimensions.”

The same person also stated that the project would result in “little local jobs” and “no cheaper electricity or subsidized solar panels.”

John Hardwick, a ward council member, agreed that there was a “tight balance between proponents and opponents” regarding the landscape impact.

Even though the solar farm would be demolished in 35 years, he stated that the solar arrays would “outlast me and many others in this room.”

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