Jersey Electricity’s Solar Farm For St Clement

The first Jersey ground-mounted solar farm’s plans have been made public.

St Clement fields, Jersey Electricity’s 12-acre location, is part of a sequence of similar initiatives.

Within a few years, there will be a succession of ground-based solar developments “strategically situated” in “carefully selected” locations.

Power for 1,500 houses a year was claimed by the manufacturer.

It was also stated that new hedges and trees would be planted south of Rue du Moulin à Vent to help hide future construction.

Jersey Electricity has so far concentrated on adding roof-based solar to the grid with four installations at its Power Station, Queen’s Road Solar Hub, Jersey Dairy, and Woodside Farm. Jersey Electricity.

We believe ground-mounted solar PV may now play a growing and valuable role as part of Jersey’s energy mix and sovereignty,” said Chris Ambler, the firm’s CEO.

According to him, more than 900 new native hedgerow plants will be planted to improve the existing natural screening on the site.

He said that the land would be used for grazing, but the solar panels would take up around 15% of the area.

The proposal will be displayed at Caldwell Hall from 10:00 to 18:00 (BST) on Tuesday, July 19.

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