Leicestershire councillors approve solar farm proposals

Leicestershire Councillors Approve Solar Farm Proposals

Development of a solar plant the size of Thirty football fields has been permitted in Leicestershire.

The 55-acre site, which spans 22.3 hectares, will be located outside Quorn.

Nine thousand one hundred seventy megawatt-hours of renewable energy will be produced each calendar year, enough to supply more than 3,000 houses.

Conditional approval was granted by the county government last week in exchange for the implementation of a biodiversity strategy.

To protect the solar panels from floods, the solar plant will be composed of panels elevated above the ground.

An underground cable will connect inverters and a substation to the solar panels.

The farm will necessitate the removal of four trees and six pieces of hedgerow.

Once the solar farm is up and running, the animals will be able to continue to graze there.

The council has been considering building a larger solar farm with industrial units for a while, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

The solar farm will be removed after 40 years of planning authority has been granted.

In an interview, Quorn and Barrow upon Soar attorney Hilary Fryer stated: “Using county council land in this way is an excellent idea in my opinion.

“Access to public rights of way is not being restricted.

According to this plan, “some areas will be maintained and improved.”

An environmental impact statement and a biodiversity management plan were required for approval.

This plan includes the building of additional wetlands, new ponds, and a marshy section of grassland.

Bat, bird, hedgehog nesting, and hibernation boxes will also be installed.

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