Offham solar park approved by Kent County Council

Offham Solar Park Approved By Kent County Council

Councilors have authorized a planned solar park on green belt property in Kent.

The 10.2W installation near Offham village is causing some neighbors to be concerned about the noise and light it produces.

It is, however, claimed that the 45-acre project will contribute significantly to the UK’s goal of reducing carbon emissions.

Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, will make a final judgment.

Kent County Council (KCC) received complaints from neighbors who feared their homes would be disrupted by the noise and glare from the project.

Chairman of the Offham Parish Council, Dr. Charles Hunter, claims that locals have not been engaged in any “serious” way.

According to him, the proposed site is only 300 meters from the center of his community, which is designated as a conservation area.

Some of our homes are located 75 meters away from the main entrance.

It’s been suggested that solar panels up to three stories above ground level are “too high” and will impair visibility, according to KCC councilor Sarah Hohler.

As for the proposal’s supporters, Councillor Jackie Meade stated: “We need solar parks..”.

I live in an area where “similar sorts of land” are being developed for housing purposes.

According to the application, Infinis Solar Developments, the project will help the UK satisfy legislative goals to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

The solar park is expected to operate for 35 years, generating 9,500-megawatt-hours of electricity each year.

Approximately 2,200 households in Tonbridge and Malling would benefit from this.

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