Proposed 65-football-field Solar Farm In Norfolk

The developers of a 65-foot-by-65-foot solar farm say it could power 12,500 houses and a vertical farm.

In the western part of the county, near Colton, plans for a farm have been filed to South Norfolk Council.

Farmland owned by Pathfinder Clean Energy would be used for a solar farm, according to Pathfinder Clean Energy.

Fire danger, solar glare, and overexposure are just a few issues that have been brought up.

The company stated that more than 9,033 tonnes of CO2 were saved each year by Pathfinder’s 130-acre or 52-hectare solar farm.

For food production, the energy generated will also be used to power the Food Enterprise Park, an area near Easton that is 46 acres (18 hectares).

At the park, a £25 million vertical farm grows salad and herbs for stores.

Pathfinder asserted that the enterprise park’s expansion was hampered because of a lack of power.

There are 16 batteries in the solar farm that are wired up and ready to draw power from when needed. Hence, the business claims that approving the project will “increase the electricity grid’s resilience.”

For example, the landowner claimed that certain places were flooded and others were arid, which led Pathfinder to make a particular planning statement for the council.

The Barnham Broom Parish Council’s members have brought it to the attention that the proposed development could provide a fire hazard and that the panels’ glare could cause people to get disoriented.

Lithium-ion batteries, which Pathfinder claims are “exceptionally safe,” will be equipped with a fire suppression system, as stated by the company.

Additionally, an anti-reflective coating would be applied to the panels, and new bushes would screen the location to decrease glare.

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