Scarborough Council Approves Seamer Solar Farm

Councilors in North Yorkshire have approved plans to build a solar farm of 50 football fields.

An area of around 28.5 hectares will be developed in Seamer.

There could be enough power generated to power 9,600 houses, according to the developer Voltalia, a French renewable energy company.

It was learned that eight residents objected to the plans because they feared the solar farm would block their views of nature.

Eight residents protested the plans, while seven remained “neutral” in their opinions.

In many cases, the public’s concerns revolved around visual impact, ecology, and potential “glare” from solar panels on nearby roadways, all of which were voiced by members of the general public.

This project has received no opposition from any government or military organization, including GCHQ Scarborough, EPA, Yorkshire Water, or Parks and Countryside Service.

For the proposals to be approved by Scarborough Council, there must be no loss of trees or hedgerows. In addition, less than 2% of the land is categorized as “best and most appropriate” for agricultural uses.

This project’s most prominent feature is its solar panels, which would be repeated in rows or arrays and might reach a total length of 380 meters.

According to the assessment, solar panels and accompanying equipment will remain in place for 35 years after the site is operational.

A national grid would be used instead of supplying local households and businesses with electricity.

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