How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels?

Solar power is an excellent way for households to calculate how much electricity they use each month. Nearly every solar panel system ends up paying for itself in the long run because of how much money it saves the homeowner on their monthly electricity bill.

If you are tired of handing over so much money to the utility company every month, you may benefit from solar panel installation. A professional solar company could install a solar system on your roof within a day.

However, some circumstances could cause the job to be longer.

On this page, we’re going to discuss how long it takes to install solar panels. Keep reading to find out what to expect when installing solar panels.

How long does it take to install solar panels?

Most solar companies will be able to install a solar system within a day. However, some things may cause the job to take a little bit longer than that.

The size of your solar panel system and its complexity will determine how long the solar installers need to get the job done correctly.

The installation process could take two days if you plan to install a solar battery. However, many people will install solar batteries because they can store energy from the solar panel system.

When you discuss the actual installation with the solar company, they will give you an estimate of how long they think your job will take.

Two men and a woman on a roof during a solar installation process


Solar Installation Process

Should you hire solar companies to install solar panel systems?

You should always trust a professional solar installation company to handle the job if you want solar panels for your home. This is because solar panels must be installed correctly to be efficient.

You may not put them correctly if you do not know what to do when installing solar panels.

While many jobs around your property can be a DIY task, solar installation is not one of them. Every step of the solar panel installation process counts for how efficient the solar panels will be once installed.

If you make any mistake along the way, solar energy will not be as efficient.

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Is it difficult to install solar panels?

The installation process is very complicated if you are not experienced. This is because electrical wiring should not be handled by people who aren’t trained in the industry.

When electrical systems are involved, the risk of an injury is always much higher.

One thing to consider about installing on your own is that you will be at a high risk of injury. Another problem you could encounter is that if you are not fully qualified to do the installation, you could create problems that will cost a lot of money to fix.

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Residential solar installations

Should homeowners get a solar battery installed as well?

Although it will add an extra day to the installation, installing the solar battery is a good idea. Solar panels will be a lot more effective with a battery.

This is because the battery can store energy.

Solar energy gets sold back to the grid for only a third of what the average household will pay for electricity without a solar battery. So you can stop wasting solar power and start storing it in a battery.

Solar batteries have helped many homeowners cut the cost of their electricity bill by over 80 %.

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What affects how long it takes for solar panel installation?

The process will likely only take one or two days, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a solar panel system immediately. Many factors affect how long it takes for solar installation.

The solar company you sign a contract with is always a factor in how long the process could take.

Before starting, they will need to get local permits to perform the job on your property. They will also need to arrange an inspection.

They will not be able to start the solar installation until the local government has approved it. This process is something that is out of their control.

If the solar company cannot arrange a site visit immediately, it could take a few months from when you arrange the job to when it is completed. However, once the solar company receives a permitting process, they will likely want to get to work right away.

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What could affect how long a solar installation takes once it begins?

Once they start the job, a solar professional will give them a better idea of how long the job could take. The type of solar PV system you choose to have installed and any unique characteristics could also cause a more extended installation period.

Installation does require preciseness. Once you choose the system, the company may need to order solar equipment.

This means they will not start installing solar panels until everything they need for the job has arrived. Sometimes it could take one to two weeks for equipment to arrive.

Your property characteristics may cause the installation company to need extra time to complete the job safely. In addition, the local solar installer will want to make sure your solar power system is installed correctly.

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How much energy can solar panels produce?

Solar panels are definitely worth the hype. Solar experts recommend switching to solar power because it’s an environmentally friendly way to reduce your electrical bill.

They are also a great way to improve home value.

One solar panel on your roof can produce anywhere from 245 to 400 W. With at least 5 hours of direct sunlight, one panel provides enough energy to run a small appliance.

Most households can benefit from installing a 5-kilowatt solar panel system.

If homeowners have battery storage with a 5-kilowatt solar system, they could start generating power for their entire home. In addition, many solar incentives are worth looking into, such as rebates and a federal tax credit.

These are benefits you can’t get from your local utility company.

Solar installers work on solar energy project

Could anything prevent solar companies from installing solar panels in time?

Solar panels are a significant change to your property. To get the proper permits to proceed, you may need design approval from the Homeowner’s Association.

If they reject the system design proposal, it will set the solar installation company back.

Even though the time frame for installing solar panels is only a few days, the entire process takes longer because you need final approval from the Homeowner’s Association, a general electrical permit, and a construction permit.

This could make the process take some weeks or up to a few months.

Once the solar installer has finished the job, the local government will send someone to your location for a post-installation solar system final inspection. Again, this is to ensure that everything meets safety codes.

Depending on how busy they are, the site visit could happen as soon as a week or up to a month after being booked.

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Could the utility company affect how long it will take to install the solar energy panels?

Depending on which type of solar panel system you have installed, the solar company may need to apply with the local utility company to install the solar panel system to the utility grid. It may take a few weeks to get approved.

Once this gets approved, someone will come to inspect the electrical system. In most situations, they will need to install a new meter for net metering.

This could slow down the process because the installation doesn’t take long, but booking the appointment depends on how busy the utility company is. It may take over a week until they can inspect your electrical panel.

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Could a house run on solar energy strictly?

It is possible to run a house strictly on solar energy; however, you need to be off-grid and in a climate with good weather. Many houses can generate enough energy using solar panels to reduce their power bills significantly.

With all the work getting approval for solar panel systems, many people wonder if they are worth it. The thing about a quality solar system is that it can ultimately pay for itself in the long run.

The average household sees monthly power bills ranging from $100 to $150. A reliable solar system could save them over $1000 annually.

If a homeowner adds up their annual savings and the rebates for solar energy, they will see that the system pays for itself with time.

Is a solar energy system worth the wait?

While the solar company may complete the installation in a day or two, getting the permits to do the job is different. Although this may be time-consuming, it is well worth the wait.

The sun provides photons daily, which a solar panel can use to create an electric current. So by going through with the solar installation, you can take advantage of the free energy from the sun.

Most homeowners want to cut costs, and free solar energy is one way to do it.

Final Thoughts

How long does a solar panel installation take? Installing a solar panel system may only take a day or two if you call a professional. However, that is only the installation.

Many other steps need to be taken to get the solar system approved.

Depending on how busy the companies you need to reach out to, it could take a few weeks up to a few months for the job to officially be complete. However, the wait is well worth it once you see how much you can save on energy.

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